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Norm Brodsky, Founder of CitiStorage & Columnist for Inc. Magazine

Norm Brodsky, Founder of CitiStorage & Writer for Inc. Magazine

A graduate of Rider College and Brooklyn Law School, Norm Brodsky began his professional career as a lawyer.  However, he quickly realized that he was more fit to be a business owner.  His first entrepreneurial endeavor was Perfect Courier, a messenger service and trucking company in Brooklyn, New York. Norm took this business from 0 to $120 million in eight years and then back to almost nothing in eight months.  It was a combination of the rise of fax machines, the 1987 market crash, and a few overly aggressive moves that brought the company to Chapter 11.

Soon after, Norm began looking for other opportunities. A phone call from a customer asking about box storage prompted him to call storage facilities in the area. Recognizing that others were charging too much and the potential market was great, Norm began CitiStorage with the profits from his trucking company. As is discussed in the book, Small Giants, he vowed to focus on making CitiStorage "great instead of big." CitiStorage now holds more than three million boxes in two enormous warehouses in Brooklyn.

In December 1995, he began sharing his advice in a column called street-smart advice in Inc Magazine.  The column is co-authored with Inc. editor-at-large Bo Burlingham.

The entire interview is 45 minutes long and is split into 32 segments as listed below.  Each segment provides insight into how to be successful, not only in business, but in life.


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