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Simon Sinek, CEO of Sinek Partners

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Finding the

Soon after Simon Sinek started his own company in 2002, he realized that at the heart of his work as a consultant was an earnest desire to inspire people to be the best they could be. Having been cited as an inspiration by those around him (in one case as the reason for a friend’s move from waitressing to Broadway), Simon set out to bring the same approach to companies as to people and bring out the best in them.

The foundation of Simon’s work with clients is in helping them discover the “why” of their businesses and to work from that goal—the “golden circle” bull’s eye—outward. The most successful businesspeople, he says, follow that framework, staying true to their beliefs in every part of the company’s operation, from marketing to how they treat employees. The result trickles down to the customer through products, marketing and customer service.

Today, Sinek Partners helps companies discover their purpose and use it not only to create products that stand out, but to create the company culture that makes it possible.


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